ISP04 | Working Your Sales Zones

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This is a free Intelligent Selling module – dive in!

Module Overview

We help sales people all the time to better structure their selling and to test customer readiness to buy across 4 sales zones.  It means that every meeting with a customer can be efficiently managed and given the right amount of time for the outcome.

It is our way of being Ruthless with Time and Gracious with People.

Working your sales zones effectively also means that when you manage your sales environment across these 4 sales zones you won’t run out of selling before the customer is ready to buy!

Based on real experience in new home sales, we are happy to share our Intelligent Selling Principles and practical suggestions with you so that you can be the best new homes sales professional you possibly can be.

A wealth of information and interactive learning focused on sales, service and leadership in new homes are available to you when you join

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