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When working with customers and knowing all that you need in order to sell, using your visual sales tools effectively is critical to how customer feels a home on your development makes perfect sense to them.

High value product sales are based on rational and emotional reasoning. Buying a home has high emotional consideration, however without rational understanding in place, the emotions will not become fully engaged.

The presentation is a stage in the sale that is essential but can be as short or as long as you feel necessary. The objective is to gather more information, opinion and feedback from the customer while providing them with the information that enables them to confirm to you and themselves that there are possibilities for a purchase with you.

Remember that you need commitment and agreement to your understanding to date in the presentation and how you can relate this to a product. 

Your information sharing should be well managed with you trading off information – 2 pieces of information from the customer warrants 1 piece of information from you in return

A good presentation is a trade and two way experience; not an opportunity for you to download all the information you have on the development.

With this mental understanding in place, you will achieve a positive attitude that leads the sale into the next stage which is full of emotional engagement.

The benefits of using your sales tools effectively:

  • Sales tools help you tailor your message to that individual in front of you.
  • They help you to be more decisive in what to talk to your customer about.
  • They help you build a productive relationship with that customer.
  • They will help you close the deal.
  • Used properly will do a lot of the hard work for you.

It’s good to focus on how you use your sales tools and present to your customer.

As you work through this module, gather a full pack of information you normally use with customers and arrange it so it works for the customer and yourself.

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