Taking Control of Sales Opportunities

Module Overview

Professional Sales Consultants have the power to guide, influence and direct a customer to the new home that will meet their ever-changing needs. 

All customers will deal with solicitors, financial advisors or institutions, professionally qualified estate agents and other experts in the market to secure their purchase.  You are amongst this group of discerning professionals; the sales professional who ties all the activity together and importantly the product that the customer has set their heart and mind on. 

Selling a new home requires skill, tenacity, professionalism and an insatiable hunger for gaining customer commitment to a new home. We want customers to feel that working with you will enable them to find a home that adds value to their lifestyle and blends into their changing life stages. They want to work with someone who is credible, authentic, professional and human.

You are critical to the customer’s thought process. You will gain more commitment from more customers if the impression you give exceeds their expectations and your behaviour, advice and guidance exude confidence and experience in the new home market.

The lessons in this Intelligent Selling Essentials module will:

  • Help you to be in control of your sales environment.
  • Give you ideas to best manage the first 3 minutes with a customer.
  • Give you tips for opening conversations with customers.
  • Share suggestions to improve your qualification.
  • Help you to convert a telephone enquiry to a face to face time – online, virtual tours and limited appointments.
  • Provide best practice for how to manage walk ins when you’re busy.
  • Suggest ways to respond to web based enquiries.
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Module Includes

  • 7 Lessons