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Module Overview

Selling new homes is not for the feint hearted nor is it for those people who believe new homes sell themselves. 

Discerning customers base their purchasing decisions on a myriad of factors and like pieces of a jigsaw, you are a contributing factor to the customer’s decision to buy a new home on your development.

Customers must want to do business with you because they have the confidence to do business with you.  To achieve this, you have to be the best person in your marketplace.  We adore working with sales professionals who aspire to be the very best professional and human in their selling.

Striking the right balance is key to inspiring intelligent customers to buy from you. 

That means that you have to be and show that you are selling in a ‘professionally human’ way.

In this module we will share with you how we believe you can create your personal development plan and be truly great in the sales role.

The lessons in this Intelligent Selling Essentials module will help you to:

  1. Be an expert in your specific space and in how you sell.
  2. Stand out in your marketplace and show that you are in command of your market intelligence
  3. Be able to sell according to how well you know your customer and how they will decide to buy from you
  4. Be well rehearsed and show that you add value in what you do
  5. Hold yourself to account and perform at your best
  6. Earn your customer’s business and know why they choose you

Our ambition for everyone we work with is that they demonstrate their sales expertise in every facet of the role and becomes the best that they possibly can be receiving the deserved rewards and recognition for that demonstrating a professional representation of the new home industry, achieving great sales and selling in a professionally human way that serves your customers and the company you work for.

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