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Taster Lesson Overview

We are intent on making sure that all sales are progressed so that they meet key dates and any problems are seen in time to resolve them without holding up the parties involved – or the cashflow of your business

Lesson Content

In this taster lesson, we will look give you an insight on the information we have that will help you with:

  • Reservation and Sales progression service
  • Liaising with 3rd parties – IFAs, sols, chain
  • Celebrating Exchange – create a moment
  • Delivering updates – good, bad news and nothing to say!

Proactively managing timely completions means that you need to have effective relationships with all parties involved from Reservation to Exchange and then actively inspiring and mobilising everyone involved to achieve your completions.

It is really important to maintain ownership of the smooth progress of the sale to exchange of contracts and beyond. We will help you become skilled in creating strong relationships with all the other stakeholders involved in the sale.  In this module we will be supporting you as you deliver focused and intense activity to harness the efforts of all the IFAs, solicitors and agents involved in the chain.

After all, everyone is working towards the same goal on behalf of your customer and we will show you how to overcome hurdles and objections from anyone who is not initially committed to the desired timescale.

Exchange of contracts is a real milestone in the customer journey and we strongly believe in marking the occasion in a way that works for each customer. Relevant, simple yet meaningful gestures that remind the customer that they have made a great decision to buy their new home from you.

We also understand the importance of timely completions and the need to liaise with site to achieve the very best experience for the customer.  In the customer experience module, you will see that we have a clear visual for the countdown to completion and work with all disciplines to meet legal completions.

We know that there is lots of news to deliver during the purchase of a new home.  One of the most important aspects of creating a truly memorable experience is making each customer feel really involved at each stage of the journey. This means giving them good news, bad news and sometimes finding something to say when there is, let’s be honest, not much to say!

We will explore different tactics that you can match to every type of customer from those who worry about every little detail to the more aloof buyer who is just interested in the headlines

There are 2 handouts for you to download from the materials tab above, download these documents, they will give you a sense of our approach and are useful reference.

What can we help you with?

We have lots of practical suggestions and up to date information about new home sales to share with you, make sure we have your email so that we can keep you in the loop.

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