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Taster Lesson Overview

High customer satisfaction scores are the applause for all the hard work you put in, let us help you make this aspect of your role easier and your customer experience the best it possibly can be

We know what measures you can incorporate into your daily round to secure higher customer satisfaction scores – to get the recognition you deserve and take a bow!

We have a wealth of good ideas for post occupation activity that improves customer satisfaction results, referrals and testimonials.

Everyone in new homes is invested in the customer and their happiness post occupation. A great deal of effort goes into each home, make sure that you get the rewards you deserve.

We have solutions and content for

  • Post Occupation – keeping the thrill alive
  • Satisfaction surveys – coaching customers to acknowledge the highs of the journey
  • Referrals and testimonials – asking for introductions to continue the experience
  • Call backs – making this more than a courtesy call
  • Managing remedials – putting things right quickly

Our industry uses several customer satisfaction surveys. At least one of the major surveys has a six-month post occupation window!  This means you need to keep alive in the customers mind, all of the great things they experienced for a significant chunk of time after they have moved in.

We have a suite of ideas and suggestions to help you maintain that excitement and post completion glow. We will help you continue to play a part in building strong communities and encouraging neighbourly behaviour so that your development becomes a sought-after place to live.

Call backs have become an important part in your arena for making customers feel truly valued and looked after. We suggest lots of creative ways in which you and your site manager can approach this – from arranging a small skip for the inevitable empty boxes and packing, to reminding people the night before ‘bin day’ as they get used to a different routine.

We also explore a variety of ways in which you can turn this courtesy call into a real opportunity to embed all the highs of the journey so far and reassure your new residents of the world-class ongoing customer service that is available to them from the central team.

Things go wrong from time to time. Hopefully you will have already reassured your customers ahead of time, before they moved in, that if they encounter any minor teething problems as they ‘fire-up’ their new home in the first few days, help is at hand. In this lesson, we look at putting in place solid systems for responding quickly. After all, you don’t want all the hard work invested thus far, to be disregarded at the last hurdle! 

Delighted customers like to talk about their experience to their friends and families.  In a way, they are publicly acknowledging that they made a great decision to buy this home from you!  This is a great opportunity to ask them if they can connect you with others in their circle who are looking to move.  Even if the potential customer lives outside your area or region, it might be a fantastic opportunity for a colleague you don’t even know yet, working on a different development elsewhere in the country! That would be a great movement to part of, promoting your brand nationwide.

There is a final handout for you to download from the materials tab above.

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