You now know that every topic in our Driving Sales programme focusses on a crucial key result area of the sales manager and leader’s role. This element of the programme is no different.

Managing the brand is all about how you inspire your team to achieve consistent and brand appropriate presentation and enable you to hold them accountable for the brand experience of your customer. The visible results of this key area are seen in everything that the public sees, hears and feels when experiencing an interaction with your brand. 

We will help you to be sure that everything in your area of control professionally reflects your brand.

What does your brand stand for?

We will share with you ideas to ensure that what your brand strives to embody is translated at the coalface, in everyday business activity. Together, we will explore ways in which you can pitch yourself at the very heart of how the brand is conveyed. 

We understand that for all the investment and training any business may deliver into their teams to try and capture the essence of how the executive team see the brand, it’s how your team thinks, acts and looks that will actually make or break the reputation of your organisation at grassroots level.

In this area of the Driving Sales programme, we will share with you creative and fun ways to coach your team to understand the difference between what they do and how they do it! 

In all your activity, you need to coach and encourage your sales consultants to demonstrate the company brand values and ethos in their everyday behaviour and thinking too. We will help you to hone your observation and coaching skills to highlight and celebrate great examples of on-brand behaviour so that you can hold people accountable and tackle those occasions when an interaction may go a little off-message.

Health and Safety is a fundamental that runs through all actions in our industry. We are very aware that every successful housebuilding business give incredible priority to Health and Safety and we agree that it should be the all-day, every day responsibility of everyone in the business. It is fair to say that after Production, the Sales team is next in line for exposure and influence on how well and safely your business looks after every member of staff and every visitor to every development.

In this aspect of the Driving Sales Programme, we will specifically investigate ways that you can ensure you have a constant handle on the safety of each of your developments, particularly given you will not always be present. 

We will also look at how enormous central investment in brand can be lost through poor or inexperienced management of the moment by your sales team.

We know how to help you and your team get high praise, with a reputation for the upholding of the brand ethos – in all that everyone sees, hears and feels on your developments.

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