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Taster Lesson Overview

In this taster lesson, we will give you a sense of the depth of our knowledge in the days leading up to, and the actual day of legal completion.

In our full Managing Legal Completion module, we include our thoughts on creating Occupation Plans, what to include, who to share it with and the importance of updating it regularly as things change.

We continue by transforming a checklist task into an exciting milestone for the customer, we look at ways of bringing to life the Home Demonstration.

We know there is a lot of behind the scenes activity to get ready for a handover on legal completion and have lots of solutions for ‘being ready early’ – the final formalities and preparations to enable you to be a ‘swan’ on the day – expect the unexpected! 

An overview of our expertise in this area

In this area, we have modules that cover:

  • Preparing for Legal Completion
  • Creating Occupation plans
  • Managing Home demonstrations and monitoring final actions
  • Final formalities – e.g. Completion certs, Welcome packs, complimentary lunches. Being ready early.

To have a defined occupation plan which is simple but all-inclusive, will remove a big chunk of stress and last-minute dashing about for you. We know that it isn’t always just the customer who experiences the most frantic activity in the run up to completion!

We are used to looking at ways of sharing and updating the plan with all the key parties involved regularly in the last few days.  At the heart of the plan is the desire to balance the needs of the site team to ‘carry on building’ with the focus on delivering a really memorable moving in experience for the customer. It is your job to balance those two potentially conflicting factors to find the win for everyone.

We have key concepts to share through our resources, including a Home Demonstration guide which is available in the full Customer Experience Module. With ongoing access to our resources, we continue to hone skills in delivering an unforgettable milestone to the customer whilst simultaneously walking through the process and the ever-present checklist.

Most Home Demonstrations result in some last-minute actions for you and the site team to fulfill before completion.  We are used to the common themes and how to monitor and communicate progress. Sometimes solicitors want to know that these items have been attended to before releasing funds and we will help you to define a system to ensure robust management of the final actions in a usually tight timescale.   

There is a lot of behind the scenes activity to get prepared for a truly great handover and we an help you to look at ways to get ahead in arranging all the final formalities – for example, checking completion certificates have been issued, safety certificates added to the Welcome packs, complimentary lunches for completion day booked, sparkle cleans, gardens and windows cleaned, and sets of keys ready. Having these elements safely in place and organised ahead of the big day, is key to freeing you up to deliver a ‘WOW’ handover.

There are 3 handouts for you to download from the materials tab above. 

These documents will give you a sense of our approach to managing ourselves when with customers.  Download them before you move on!

We have lots of practical suggestions and up to date information about new home sales to share with you, make sure we have your email so that we can keep you in the loop.

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