Throughout the Ellare Driving Sales Programme, we share, not just WHAT to do day to day, month on month, but critically HOW to perform the role incredibly well.

We know the role intimately and we know the competences and skills for you to be brilliantly successful in your sales management and leadership. 

By participating in the Driving Sales Programme, we know that we will help you to create stand out performance as a Sales Manager and we look forward to sharing with you how to create the impact that shows you at your best and most successful.

We will help you to drive up your personal impact by:

  • Building a personal brand and set of impressive behaviours
  • Behaviours that work
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Developing technical and behavioural competence
  • Networking and conversational skills
  • Managing up and outwards

Our Driving Sales programme is designed to deliver to you the very best technical knowledge for sales managers in our industry. When we combine and share our insights into the behaviours needed for standout sales leadership, people in the Ellare network will have the edge and will achieve more personal and professional success.

We’ll be right behind you as you grow and develop brilliant performance in the 5 key result areas of the role

  • How to drive sales
  • Sales progression
  • Managing Intelligent Selling
  • Selling your brand
  • Managing excellent customer experience

We will also help you to be a great leader of your team; focusing on how you lead and make people feel; that’s what great leaders do, they recruit capable, trusted and motivated followers. Throughout the programme, we will promote and hold you accountable for:

  1. Your positive attitude and outlook
  2. Your style of influence
  3. Being someone who inspires and motivates others
  4. Being someone sets a great example
  5. Being known for excellent planning and organising
  6. Your attention to detail
  7. Your problem solving and visible decision-making skills
  8. Your effective delegation skills and how you hold people to account; fairly
  9. Your strong communication skills
  10. How you optimise your emotional intelligence and practice strong resilience

Our ambition is to build a strong tribe of forward thinking sales managers who are ready to stand out, when we are training and coaching technical aspects of the role, behaviours are as critical to your personal success and we embed these in all that you gain from being in the Ellare network.

We want for you to be technical and behavioural competent and see the two as equally important for success.

The Driving Sales Programme is based on 5 Key Result Areas and 10 Key Performance Indicators for success, each are addressed as part of the multiple lessons so that you are applying these behaviours in all that you do.

We are here to help sales managers who are at different stages of their career and success. 

We’ll attend to you individually so please speak to us and tell us how we can help you.

We’re here to share what we know so email us on or call us on 0333 305 7525 to talk about how we can help you with where you are in your career/role.

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