Intelligent Selling Principles

· June 2, 2021

This is a free Intelligent Selling module – dive in!

Welcome to Intelligent Selling Principles

This module of 11 lessons has been specifically created for you, a New Homes Sales Professional so that you have all the help you can get to manage your sales space and drive more sales.

We’re passionate about helping new home sales professionals be their best and most successful; and have included guidance, tools and tips for various selling situations.

We’re committed to helping you with your sales circle; the more sales you achieve, the more successful your company is, the more commission you earn! Winners all round!

This module gives you a quick introduction to Inspiring customers to buy a new home, we know that we can help you to:

1. Take a more effective approach to selling by inspiring the customer to want to buy with you

2. Identify the market you are working in and how to prioritise your day to achieve higher results

3. Structure each sales opportunity so that you can get more commitment to a next step towards a sale

4. Craft every sales opportunity across 4 sales zones which enable you to maximise the return on the time you spend with each customer

5. Intentionally add value to your homes and your development and in turn increase the confidence of the customer to buy

6. Reframe tired and ineffective qualification questions so that they are curious and conversational – getting you more information, faster from more people

7. Progress a customer’s readiness to buy so that you can predict more accurately where your sales are going to come from

8. Intelligent selling assures you and your customer have an amazing experience; one that inspires buying and achieves profitable sales.

9. Develop a style of behaviour that we call Give to Get – a style that help you to calibrate your time with customers and avoid running out of selling before the customer is ready to buy!

10. Lead an engaging demonstration on your development and optimise your selling time

11. Lead a customer to an agreement to buy using more commitment gaining techniques along the way and create next steps that get you and your customer closer to a sale when they are willing, able and almost ready to buy from you

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