There’s a reason why we’ve called the entire Sales Manager programme Driving Sales, and then dedicated a whole module to the same topic – How to Drive Sales!

Profitable sales are the lynchpin of your business.

A thread that runs right through the Driving Sales programme is the focus on your commerciality as a Sales Manager. This module may be focused on numbers and data but we promise it won’t be boring!

In this module, we look at the building blocks you need to make sure are solidly in place before you get started.

We are totally committed to ensuring that you have depth in all aspects of your job so that you can demonstrate your business savvy. Having a firm grasp on all the important numbers will set you apart from others.

In this module, we’ll show you how to think on two levels:

  • Executive headlines and snapshots for succinct updates that show your hand is firmly on the tiller
  • A clear grasp on the cause and effect of decisions and how to track and monitor trends so that you can strategically plan, report and manage upwards

There’s no question, you have to have a grasp on a lot of facts and figures, they can feel overwhelming because of their sheer volume and it’s easy to get to the point of information overload and fail to see the red flags or the banners of success right in front of you.

This module is where we’ll help you to strip out the background noise and show which are the key pieces of data you need to focus on in great detail. We will explain why these numbers are important and what might happen if you fail to grasp the relevance.

We will demonstrate how each element of data forms a vital corner piece of the puzzle so that when you put them all together you can see the bigger picture. Without this, it can feel as though you are starting an enormous jigsaw without knowing what the picture on the lid looks like!

This module will give you practical tools and techniques in 4 measurable aspects of your role helping you to:

  • Understand the production programme, changes or updates and what is available to sell
  • Set quarterly targets – how you plan to sell what is built
  • Agree and monitor five key metrics for your team – securing profitable prompt sales
  • Get momentum with your team to achieve NOW sales – selling homes in order – this week!

If you haven’t already, you can download the learning goals from our Driving Sales programme from the Materials tab above

We will show you how to develop and deliver finely tuned, weekly activity, intense monthly plans and detailed quarterly strategies. 

Dive in to Ellare, have a good look round and do get in touch if there is anything at all we can help you with.

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Module Includes

  • 2 Lessons