ISE06 | Finding Sales in Your Database

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Module Overview

This module will help you to find the sales that sit in your database.  We prefer to call your database your CustomerBase because that’s what it is. 

In new home sales, every market creates a market and it is your job to be agile and to adjust to that and use your CustomerBase to identify the sales that you can make work with individual customers based on their individual circumstances.

Learning how to dive into your CustomerBase on a daily basis – even when you are selling well, is critical to your sales momentum and sales rate. 

Let us help you to maximise the results you achieve by planning your outbound calls; to respond to incoming digital leads with outbound calls as well as following up with calls to customers already in your CustomerBase.

Better outbound calls creates more sales success for you!

By understanding how you plan each call and being clear about what you are trying to achieve from it, how you are going to be received by each customer, and what, as a result of your call, will your customer do, you will be in greater control of your CustomerBase and sales opportunities.

All of your outbound call activity happens because a customer has previously contacted you and made an enquiry. 

Your CustomerBase is therefore just that, a database of customers, people who have willingly made an enquiry about your development.  You are never cold calling!

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