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Module Overview

We want to help you to be better at engaging your customer in the demonstration. The demonstration is your opportunity to sell on emotion, to get progressive closes and to agree your next step. It is a multi-layered event in the sale and an engaging demonstration is fundamental to the customer’s buying decision and moving forward.

We think that demonstration is the most emotionally engaging part of the sale and your sales approach should be planned and staged so that the customer is emotionally engaged and providing you with feedback and comments so that you know which aspects of the property and the development are meeting their needs and expectations. 

The demonstration is also the stage where you build in maximum commitment generating opportunities.  This stage needs to be planned; the home you show needs to be demonstrated in benefit terms; benefits that are relevant to that specific customer. 

We want to help you to achieve effective and persuasive demonstration and to:

  • Create opportunities to establish the customer’s thoughts
  • Get customer commitment and agreement on the benefits of each room
  • Involve the customer to get more commitment
  • Use your product knowledge to benefit sell
  • Add value to each home by emphasising the quality of your product
  • Stand out from the competition; other developers as well as the second hand market
  • See the home through your purchaser’s eyes
  • Give you the opportunity to constantly close

For an Engaging Demonstration, the sales style needs to be ‘ask don’t tell’ and maximum emotional customer engagement and feedback needs to be gained so that you can assess the readiness to buy.

Throughout the demonstration, you need to be getting positive ‘ticks’ to every aspect of the property and the development and build into the demonstration key elements that will lead the customer to give you a ‘read’ on their readiness to buy; their action plan to achieve the home, building thinking time, explain the house purchase route, use the information you have on the customer to facilitate and turn any objections into positive liveable solutions.

The lessons in this module will help you to:

  1. Be confident when you accompany the customer and understand why you need to be with them.
  2. Get home specific with your customer so that they are kept in decision making mode.
  3. Plan to close out from your demonstration, not letting the opportunity float away without some commitment.
  4. Use our 3 x 3 x 3 routine to make sure that your demonstrations are the best.
  5. Identify less-than-obvious points of value in your homes so that you can weave them into the demonstration.
  6. Check that you build in the 3 Ellare Essentials we recommend in every demonstration.
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