Driving Sales – Sales Management and Leadership

· June 8, 2021

Welcome to our Driving Sales course. This is a practical, real solutions, programme that will help you to better, and more successfully, drive sales through your sales team – helping you, them and your company to achieve better sales results!

Welcome to our Ellare Sales Manager community!

You have landed in a safe and exciting place, where we absolutely get the diverse and often crazy busy-ness of your role!

In this overview, will have laid out what we believe are the defining and critical elements of your job. 

We know that when you are being brilliant in these five key results areas, you underpin your success as a New Homes Sales Manager.

You will know all too well that success in sales management comes from not only ‘what’ you do, but ‘how’ you do it and at Ellare, we are as passionate and confident about what makes for management success as well as what you need to be doing day to day, week on week, month on month, quarter on quarter.

Being part of the Driving Sales community; a network of professionals who strive to be brilliant means that we will share with you the technical elements of your role, the authentic, cutting edge leadership skills needed, and how best to execute all aspects of your job. 

We’ve created the programme so that you are addressing five key areas of your job and at the same time, developing and fine tuning what you do for success, how you do that practically and how you lead and manage all those you are accountable for.

Here’s how we see your role – download our Take on the Sales Manager’s Role (also available from the Materials tab at the top of this page).

How would a training programme specifically directed at you in your sales manager role help you to achieve your personal ambition?

There are six modules in this overview of the Driving Sales programme, each has lessons designed to hone your technical expertise whilst also addressing at least two of the fundamental leadership behaviours required to be brilliant in each aspect of your job.

We honestly do know how stretched for time you are, all day, every day, so you will find all of our learning is practical, hands-on, and stuffed with top tips and clever hacks to learn on the go.

Explore the free introductions in this overview of the programme, designed to offer a first look at each Key Result Area and the areas we will be diving deeper into, once you become part of our exciting new community of Sales Managers.

We are super excited to be helping you in your role and to seeing you equip yourself with a unique edge within your own company and indeed the wider industry.

Be sure to check out each of these taster lessons – we just know you will recognise yourself and the whole glorious, challenging, oft-frustrating, fast-paced, never-the-same-day-twice-in-a-row, wonder, that is YOUR life as a New Homes Sales Manager.

Then, breathe a sigh of relief, we are here to help you get ahead and be brilliant in the job!

Many resources are available to you when you join ellare.co.uk for free!  Have a good look round, for yourself and for your team.

What do you like and where can we help you?

We’re here and ready to help you, let us know how we can best do that. 


  1. Driving Sales
  2. Progressing Sales
  3. Managing Intelligent Selling
  4. Managing the Brand
  5. Managing Customer Experience
  6. It’s All About You!

Find out more about Ellare

Lesley founded Ellare because, after over 30 years in the industry, we have developed a particular approach to new home sales; one that helps salespeople at the frontline, sales managers, and leaders to be the most successful they can possibly be.

Our range of intuitive and practical online learning materials give you years of industry insights and proven sales strategies.

We guide sales and service professionals, helping you to hone your craft through strategies that drive more sales, intelligent selling techniques and improving customer service skills.

There are 2 handouts for you to download from the materials tab above, download them before you move on.

Dive in to Ellare, have a good look round and do get in touch if there is anything at all we can help you with.

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