Directing Sales – Leadership at its Best

We are dedicated to helping new homes Sales Directors be at their best; directing and driving sales through inspiring sales leadership!

“I founded Ellare because after over 30 years in this industry, I have defined a unique approach to new homes sales that helps sales people – front line, managers and leaders be the most successful they can be.

Our intuitive and practical online learning culminates years of industry insights and proven sales strategies. We guide sales and service professionals, helping to hone their craft through strategies that drive more sales, intelligent selling techniques and skills to improve customer experience.

Our Directing Sales Area

We help Sales and Marketing Directors make their work life easier; and empower their sales and marketing teams and external parties achieve great results for their business.

We offer personal guidance; professional support and practical tools to enable the many people we meet in the director’s role to do their job well. Our expertise and experience supports boardroom behaviour and practical how-to guides for all aspects of the job. Our clients also utilise our resources to develop their successors to ensure they possess the right skills and perspective. We know how to lead from the front; and direct the sales and marketing activity for maximum success.

Leading the Sales and Marketing team is challenging, exciting and rewarding. 

Our Directing Sales Programme gives you the key solutions to make work life easier. We enable your team to stretch around you and whilst you provide inspiring direction to them for better, more profitable results.  Our solutions; resources and events enable you to direct sales and customer experience while improving sales ability, customer satisfaction, profitability and key measures of leadership success in new home sales.

Our Directing Sales Network and programme

Being part of our Directing Sales Network means you receive the solutions and resources to help drive the discipline. Our quarterly live events help you improve sales ability, customer satisfaction, profitability; key measures of leadership success in new home sales.

The quickest and best route to stay ahead

Our Ellare Events are intimate, confidential and a ‘safe space’ to provide market updates, motivational and industry speakers. All this is teamed with Intelligent Selling tools for leading, managing and guided support for the Sales and Marketing function. 

We help managers and directors to become better leaders through our Executive Coaching; whether it is your team, upwards, sideways and outwards to your supplier partners. 

Our Directing Sales Programme delivered through focused and relevant personal development is key to helping you to be the best and most authentic sales leader and director. We thrive on helping people in this role and will help you to excel through your business results and achieving success in the Boardroom.

We will help you, Sales and Marketing Directors and MDs – to stretch the team around you and to provide inspiring direction to the sales teams for better, more profitable results. 

By working with many brands, we have inevitably and appropriately become involved in the onboarding of new recruits.  Striving to be world class ourselves, we set the bar high. We share your ambition to recruit the right people who can successfully achieve the ambitious results you set in your business plans.

Find out how we can help you to successfully support your new team members in their early days of employment.

Let us know if you or your Sales Managers would be good candidates for our Driving Sales Programme. 

Curious about how we help overcome the challenges you’re facing and make your work life easier? Contact us by email or call us on 0333 305 7525.

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