Delivering Experience Over Process


‘WOW’ Service is customer-centric style that makes a difference to everyone involved in the process of buying a new home.

Building customer-centric, WOW Service, as you balance the selling and service responsibilities of the sales role needs care and attention. This is important when in conversation with customers who are thinking of buying, already in the process of buying, in the run-up to legal completion or of post-occupation.

  • Build customer centric, ‘WOW’ Service as you balance the selling and service responsibilities of the sales role
  • Represent your brand through your actions and language
  • Demonstrate a strong service ethic in how you serve and plan to serve customers
  • Take up our key tips to prepare great service with your site team and other colleagues
  • Build great cooperative site-based relationships

Through conversation and strong brand representation, your language and approach informs the customer as to how much they can trust you. Trust flows from sincerity, reliability, commitment, integrity, competence and consistency as described by customers talking about the person or people they appreciated dealing with during their purchase.

Customers rate great customer experience and service based on the people, behaviour, language and emotions that they’re exposed to. A sales person misaligned from their brand, the homes sold, the delivery team or is disgruntled with the company as an employee, shows this very quickly through language and action.

An early Ellare test to measure the extent to which customer experience is second nature from a salesperson is the tell-tale signs of the words they use.  Words show whether someone is associated and aligned to their brand; and commitment to customer service and experience are those that show alignment – words like:


‘I love how we’

‘One of the things I think we do really well on this development is …’

These are indicators of alignment and language that a customer trusts and find very meaningful. Do you find it easy to align in the language you use every day or do you not believe in your collective ability to deliver an amazing place for your customer to live in?

Great customer experience is judged by the teamwork and the extent to which they feel the whole organisation is geared to delivering everything that has been promised.  How you work with your colleagues and the customer perception of that all contributes to how they rate the customer experience they have with you.

Choose your language, align with your brand values, demonstrate fair and ethical business practice and communicate with clarity and honesty to create the best customer experience in new home sales.

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