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This module gives you an introduction to the very best in Customer Experience. We are used to helping developers increase their customer journey and satisfaction. How can we help you to achieve improved results?

About Our Customer Experience Modules

Every customer deserves an amazing experience; and all site-based (and head office) teams want to provide this. Our Customer Experience solutions give the best-of-the-best practice to drive up a consistently high level of customer experience from the site-based sales role. 

We have a wide range of solutions, for the Board to increase the focus on leadership across disciplines, and frontline customer experience solutions for those who have direct customer contact.

We have worked with teams and helped to provide the best new home customer experience for thousands of customers.  We completely understand the customer journey and the process that achieves best results for everyone.

The Customer Experience lessons in this module have been created to provide you with our view on the customer-centric experiences that work in new home sales. 

Access to Ellare Customer Experience solutions make a positive and real difference to business performance and customer satisfaction.

Have a look around this module to get an overview of what we can help sales people with when it comes to delivering the best customer experience and managing that journey with real customers.

Lessons to explore

These lessons give you an a flavour of how we can help in the delivery of an amazing customer experience. We’ll take your through:

  1. Delivering Experience over Process
  2. Proactive sales progression
  3. Countdown to completion
  4. Managing Legal Completions
  5. Post occupation service

Each module has a range of helpful downloads that you can take to see how we think and work.

How we help

The drive to give customers the best experience is a key result area and KPI for many of our new home clients.  We offer help at every stage of the process so that a great experience leads to high customer satisfaction.  This includes the process customers are taken through up to Exchange of Contracts and in how their journey is managed until post occupation.

Starting with some essentials that will help the sales team in their responsibilities for customer experience, we are excited to share some key, proven techniques, tactics and insights into an easily accessible and perfectly paced modular learning experience.

We work with regional boards to determine the best journey and experience for a purchaser and how this needs to be delivered from every discipline in the business. 

Over the years, we have become specialist in improving what affects the buying purchaser and have a wide range of practical tips to help your team achieve their best results across the whole customer journey.

We know how to provide an amazing customer experience – with every interaction. We know the behaviours and actions that make a positive impact.

Find Out More About Ellare

Our range of intuitive and practical online learning materials represent 30 years of industry insights and proven sales strategies.

We guide sales and service professionals, helping you to hone your craft through strategies that drive more sales, intelligent selling techniques and improving customer service skills.

Feel free to dive into all areas of Ellare, have a good look round, and do get in touch if there is anything at all, we can help you with. 

We are continuously adding to the Ellare platform so if you are wondering if we have ideas, help, and resources on a particular aspect of the customer journey and providing the best of experiences to your purchasers, please contact us. If we have it, we’re happy to share it with you!

What can we help you with?

We have lots of practical suggestions and up to date information about customer experience in new home sales to share with you. Make sure we have your email so that we can keep you in the loop.

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