Curious Qualification (i)


Module Overview

Curious Qualification helps sales professionals learn how to maximise the critical stage in managing every enquiry – establishing who the customer is and how to best craft the sale of a new home around them.

We think of Qualification in two parts:

  • Pre-qualification is the stage in the journey where, through purposeful conversation, you understand very clearly the basis of a possible sale
  • The second part of Qualification is how the story builds and the lifestyle needs of the customer.

Pre/qualification enables you to establish the customer’s needs for a new home, their financial plan and budget, how proceedable they are and what action needs to happen to make them proceedable, as well as their readiness to make a buying decision.

Good qualification questions wrapped in rapport building conversation is the key to success here. As qualification never stops, you can keep building your understanding over time and craft a sale around them.

Excellent qualification takes your understanding of the customer’s information and develops it through paraphrasing, summarising and productive questions. By using the information the customer has provided, you can then use it to gain their commitment to your product. 

This feeds you with vital information you will need later in the sales process; turning objections into liveable solutions and negotiation.  Achieving a detailed customer profile makes the sales activity easier and provides you with greater control.

The more information you have from the customer, the greater understanding you have of how to wrap a sale and a home around them.

Without qualifying the customer, the basis of a potential sale, you have nothing to sell

The lessons in this Intelligent Selling Essentials module:

  • Highlight what you need to know if an enquiry is a sale
  • Give you ideas for how to be curious in your questioning
  • Give you a technique to practice a ‘give to get’ style of conversation
  • Explain how to check that a sale is possible and how to summarise and ask test questions
  • Provide ways to spread the finance conversation across all your interactions
  • Show you what you need to know that this is a sale
  • Identify exactly what needs to happen to create a viable next sale
  • Explain how to navigate the landscape signalling you are a willing seller, happy to work with a willing buyer
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Module Includes

  • 7 Lessons