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Taster Lesson Overview

The actual point of legal completion needs intense management at site level and we can share with you how we assure this with good planning and practical occupation plans to provide the best customer experience.

Lesson Content

In this taster lesson we will give you an insight in:

  • Countdown to completion – financials, home ready checks, valid mortgage offers, draw-downs, outstanding issues
  • Checking customer readiness
  • Moving in Day – preparation and checks
  • Managing extras – checking them, feedback on progress
  • Doing Home Ready Checks – delivering a great experience over ticking off a checklist!

We understand that it can be the little things that create the biggest problems in that all-important countdown to completion. We have created a suite of templates and checklists to help you be one step ahead of a range of common pitfalls that result in last minute barriers to completion.

This part of the journey is usually the most stressful for the customer and we will help you pitch yourselves appropriately at the heart of their circumstances to keep the purchase smoothly on track.

Now is the time to be checking ahead that the mortgage offer is valid, lender clearance is in place, the funds and deposit are both available for drawdown, not just for this transaction but throughout the chain if necessary.

We will explore ways for you to ensure this without it sounding like you are ticking off a checklist (even if you are!). It’s just another example of demonstrating your professionally human touch in delivering really great service.

Moving-in day is the pinnacle of all your efforts, so it makes sense to be super focused on double checking every little detail.

We encourage you to start a conversation with each customer to understand their plans and expectations on this key day, even as early as the day after exchange!

We have developed a great template for covering off all aspects of the big day, from removal vans and how many people will be in the group, to timings and reminders to keep the kettle easily accessible!

Keeping the site team in the loop is also critical to a calm and successful handover. Particularly if you have more than one completion on the same day.

Checking that all the choices and extras are exactly as the customer ordered is a key part of ensuring a successful handover. Often, this is one of the most important aspects of customer engagement. It represents their opportunity to create a home which uniquely reflects them.

Use this checkpoint to grow their anticipation of completion, by sending a picture of the optional extra that you know means the most to them, once it is safely installed and looking good.

We understand that this can be an area where you get to practice your skills in delivering both good and bad news, so in this lesson we tackle a range of solutions for when things go wrong.

All of the customers we work with have a process to cover Home Ready checks. Although the methods vary a little, they all tend to include a team ‘funnel approach’ to delivering a perfect home that starts with the site manager, before being passed to perhaps a quality manager, and then finally handed over to you in the sales team.

In the middle of all these checks, remedials and re-checks, sits the customer. This is a critical part of the process for you to educate and support your customer through, preferably well ahead of time.  Often they are keen to check their home before completion, and before you have signed off the home ready checks. Some solicitors recommend this to our customers, which adds pressure on you saying ‘no’!

We have developed a robust yet human way of reassuring your customer that your in-house handover process is designed to be multi-staged, and it is normal to have a small list of remedial mini tasks to attend to in the days prior to completion.  You want them to see it only once it is up to the high standards that make your brand special.

There are 4 handouts for you to download from the materials tab above.  These documents will give you a sense of our approach to managing ourselves when with customers.  Download them before you move on!

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