IS Essentials

ISE08 | BONUS Your Personal Success

Success in this sales role comes from the obvious tangible sales results but what how else is your success measured? We share with you in this bonus module the key to showing your brilliance when: Achieving commercial success Managing your sales Managing everything the customer sees, hears and feels Influencing and achieving customer satisfaction Achieving …

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ISE05 | Clever Closing

Module Overview Closing – this is what you’ve been working towards, getting a Reservation.  To get more Reservations, in less time, to avoid running out of selling before the customer is ready to buy and worse, missing sales because you believe that if a customer is interested, they’ll signal to you that they are ready! …

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ISE04 | Engaging Demonstrations

Module Overview We want to help you to be better at engaging your customer in the demonstration. The demonstration is your opportunity to sell on emotion, to get progressive closes and to agree your next step. It is a multi-layered event in the sale and an engaging demonstration is fundamental to the customer’s buying decision and …

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ISE03 | Using Your Sales Tools

Module Overview When we are working with customers and when you know all that you need to know in order to sell, using your visual sales tools effectively is critical to the way in which a customer feels that a home on your development makes perfect sense to them. High value product sales are based …

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ISE02 | Curious Qualification

Module Overview Through Curious Qualification, sales consultants can learn how to maximise the critical stage in managing every enquiry – establishing who the customer is and how to best craft the sale of a new home around them. At Ellare, we think of Qualification in two parts: Prequalification is the stage in the journey where, …

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